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Event Lounge, Brussels
07/12/2023 | Event Lounge, Brussels | #cio2023

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Elke Laeremans

CIO / COO – Torfs

As the Head of IT & Operations at Torfs, Elke has emerged as a true trailblazer in the technology sector, championing both innovation and inclusivity.

With a career spanning diverse roles and industries, Elke has consistently excelled in seamlessly integrating technology with organizational structure, all while prioritizing the well-being of people.

Joining Torfs in 2014, Elke focused on digital projects. She rose to become the Chief Digital Officer, responsible for shaping the company’s digital strategy and IT leadership. In her current role as CIO / COO at Torfs, she received the “CIO of the Year 2021” award for her outstanding contributions.

Colleagues and peers would wholeheartedly describe Elke as an empathic and caring leader. She is a bridge builder, who fosters trust and individuality within teams. When it comes to getting things done, she’s known for her unwavering dedication to “walking the talk,” ensuring that her actions align with her values.

Elke is not only a trailblazer for women in tech but also a passionate advocate for inclusion in the industry.
She is dedicated to fostering a harmonious blend of technology and organizational excellence while empowering women and young potentials in tech to thrive.