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Event Lounge, Brussels
07/12/2023 | Event Lounge, Brussels | #cio2023

proudly presents
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Break Out by Accenture : Cybersecurity and Sovereign Cloud

Cloud is everywhere… and is becoming more and more the critical infrastructure in our daily life, both private and professional. This situation raises concerns over the control and choices organizations or individuals retain after migrating to the Cloud. The overall context of geo-political disruption and the increasing concentration of Cloud providers are reinforcing these concerns, driving a strong interest in Sovereign Cloud. This interest is currently reinforced by the demand for Sovereign AI.
After reviewing the different types of sovereignty that Sovereign clouds are aiming for, we will review the value sovereign cloud can bring and the different services components to look at, with a focus on Cybersecurity.
We will also present concrete examples of solutions we see in the market that balance the benefit of Cloud in terms of agility and scalability and the sovereignty requirements.