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Event Lounge, Brussels
07/12/2023 | Event Lounge, Brussels | #cio2023

proudly presents
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Break Out by Accenture : Generative AI: The Existential Dilemma

Generative AI Is now on hot topic for most leaders. But are they ready for it?
People and organizations will evolve under this disruption at speed and scale brought by Gen AI. But not only. We can also expect further disruption with the rise of commercial intelligence, an asymmetry between threat and opportunities, and change in the models the industries use to procure and deliver. We foresee national interests to steer the urgency of Sovereign AI.
Both private and public organizations are in demand of generative AI uses cases. After reviewing some of the trends we see as service provider, we will present some Generative AI Use Cases and talk about the benefits of leveraging a center of excellence.