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02/12/2020 - #cio2020

Virtual Goodiebag


Dear Participant,

In light of the seismic changes that the world has experienced, we must ask ourselves – how can brands and businesses remain relevant with consumers? How can we provide meaningful goods and services that are both profitable and sustainable for our planet?

It will take bold leadership to rethink business models for a more sustainable and inclusive future. Sharing ideas and experiences with actors across business and society can inform your thinking and decision making.

Following on from my keynote today, “The Green behind the Cloud”, I would like to recommend some further reading. The Circular Economy Handbook – written by my Accenture colleagues, Peter Lacy (Chief Responsibility Officer & Global Sustainability Services Lead), Jessica Long and Wesley Spindler – is an essential guide for leaders on how they can pivot towards a holistic circular organization that delivers broad-based system change and competitive advantage.

I invite you to fill in this form to receive your personal copy, courtesy of Accenture.

I hope this book provides you with new insights and actionable ideas on how to build resilience, innovate responsibly and grow sustainably as an organization.

Should it spark new ideas you would like to discuss, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Gauthier Agimont
Technology Lead at Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg
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