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Event Lounge, Brussels
07/12/2023 | Event Lounge, Brussels | #cio2023

proudly presents
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Break Out by Salesforce : Trust in the era of Generative AI

Generative AI forces us to redefine security and trust. Notions such as bias, hallucinations, toxicity, data security, privacy and ethics lead to a new trust gap. But is Generative AI here to stay? What early indicators tell us that it’s not just another hype, and how can we materialize its promise, while closing this trust gap at the same time?

Reinier H. van Leuken is a data scientist with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and he is a champion of making data science easier to understand and apply. This is why at Salesforce, Reinier is Director of Product Management for Einstein, Salesforce’s platform that brings predictive and generative AI and ML to every business user.
In prior roles, Reinier led various teams in both Sales and Product. He also worked as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), University of York (UK) and Yahoo! Research Labs Barcelona (Spain), he published numerous academic papers and holds multiple patents in AI.